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Lee Zeldin:
Anti-Abortion Extremist

New York is currently leading the nation on defending abortion rights, but if elected governor, Lee Zeldin has promised to implement a far-right, anti-abortion agenda that will severely restrict New Yorkers’ ability to make their own health decisions and access reproductive health care. 


Zeldin has a long record of supporting anti-abortion efforts: he has said he would support anti-abortion judges, allow states to pass new laws banning abortion and criminalizing women and doctors, and pass a constitutional amendment banning abortion nationwide. He has failed to support exceptions for rape and incest, and he has been endorsed by extreme anti-abortion groups.


In Congress, Zeldin voted in favor of a 20-week abortion ban and for making the Hyde amendment permanent. He voted against allowing an exception for the health of a mother to a proposed 20-week abortion ban. 


In 2020, Zeldin joined the far-right effort to overturn Roe v. Wade by signing an amicus brief to the Supreme Court. And he got his way: with the conservative majority’s decision to overturn the nearly 50-year-old ruling, women nationwide have lost the constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion and more than two dozen states across the U.S. have immediately restricted or banned abortion access. Zeldin celebrated the ruling as “a victory for life, for family, for the constitution, and for federalism.”


If elected governor, Zeldin has promised to follow Republican-led states in restricting access to abortion care. He has guaranteed that anti-abortion advocates would have “open-door” access to his administration and said he would appoint a “pro-life” health commissioner.

Proof Points:


  • Zeldin signed onto a bill that would ban abortion without exception for rape, incest, or life of the mother — aligning his position on the issue with the most extreme and dangerous members of the far right. [HR 1011, Cosponsors, 8/6/21; The Gazette, 7/11/22]

  • Zeldin voted against a bill that would ensure legal access to birth control – a fundamental right that is central to an individual’s privacy, health, and wellbeing but remains at risk due to Donald Trump's hand-picked Supreme Court justices. [HR 8373, Vote #385, 7/21/22] 

  • Zeldin signed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to consider overturning Roe v. Wade. In the aftermath of the ruling, Zeldin called the ruling “a victory for life, for family, for the constitution, and for federalism.” [East Hampton Star, 1/9/20; Zeldin for NY – Press Release, 6/24/22]

  • Zeldin promised anti-abortion advocates would have “open door” access to him in the governor’s office. [Spectrum News NY1, 4/28/22]

  • Zeldin said appointing a pro-life health commissioner was a “great idea” and would “be a great benefit for New York.” [NY1, 4/28/22]

  • The NY Conservative Party — which opposes abortion without exceptions for rape or incest — endorsed Zeldin for governor; Zeldin lauded the party’s members as “principled.” [NY1,  2/27/22]

  • Zeldin voted for a 20-week abortion ban, and he voted against an exception for the health of the mother to the proposed ban.

[HR 36, Vote #548, 10/3/17; Vote #549, 10/3/17]


  • Zeldin voted against protecting the right to travel across state lines for abortion services.

[H.R. 8297Vote #362, 7/15/22]

  • Zeldin voted in favor of making the Hyde amendment permanent law.


            [HR 7, Vote #45, 1/22/15]


  • Zeldin said he would support a constitutional amendment banning abortion but did not indicate his support for an exception for rape and incest. [National Pro-Life Alliance 2014 Congressional Survey - Region 7, 2014]

  • Zeldin supported removing federal courts’ jurisdiction over abortion, judicial nominees who would uphold a “constitutional right to life,” and an amendment banning abortion. [National Pro-Life Alliance 2014 Congressional Survey - Region 7, 2014]

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